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Graphomat (by MadMike)
    Announcing new release of Java Graph'O->Mat
      We moved to Version 1.01
      Followings things have changed:
      • dragging selected Nodes no more deforms them
      • using compression for saving/loading Graph
      • Menubar is now accessible with Keyboard
      • added Icons to the Menubar
      • used enhanced compilation for better performance

Graph'O->Mat is a brand new graph drawing tool.
This application is a result of a graph drawing project of the
Institute of Informatics at the University of Fribourg

The project has finished and the PC and the JAVA
version of Graph'O->Mat is ready for download.

Help for the programs is available now and also downloadable
as Postscript file or online-help.

Graph'O->Mat is freeware, but we would like to
receive your comments and critics.

(k)1998 Graph'O->Mat Team